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Friday, November 08, 2013

#StopTheClot #NYCMarathon

Although I read many reviews on-line the experience throughout the 26.2 Miles blew me away...

It is very difficult to put in words the fact that I got to participate on this event and what I felt during it.

Without a question I have to start with a THANK YOU.

THANK YOU to all who were kind enough to donate to this fundraising effort. 

THANK YOU not only for the donation but also for the encouragement and support. 

THANK YOU 1 Million times over.

While on course I was not alone...

First I had the spirit of all the blood clot survivors with me with their names on my shirt the entire length of the course.  When the going got hard around Mile 16 and Mile 23 I looked down at the names on my shirt and I could some strength from knowing what each and everyone of them has been through with their clotting incident.

Second all of the spectators lined up throughout the length of the course.  I was and I still am in awe of the number of people out there who were cheering as loud as they could.  During the first few miles of the race I lost track of where I was because I was distracted by the sheer number of people everywhere. 

I've been to my fair share of races in my years of racing and I have to confess that experiencing the spectators in NYC tops them all.  I truly enjoyed that aspect of the race.

Now, there were things I did not enjoy...

The wait.  The long 4 hours I had to wait before the race could start.

Looking back now I can't help but think that, although I did everything I could to save my legs during the wait, that I try to manage my eating so that it was there when I needed it and not too soon, and that I huddled with hundreds of others under the available tents away from the cold and wind, my legs were starting this race in disadvantage and with fatigue that I would normally not have.

Looking back also I could argue that I should have dialed it back a bit during the early miles so that I could be "fresher" towards the end... knowing myself I can't buy that.  I know all to well that if I don't put the hammer down during the early miles and I still struggle towards the end I can't feel satisfied with my strategy.  Somehow, I can put my mind at ease if I put the effort down during the early miles and hold on until the end...

Hold on is what I tried to do last Sunday.  If the cramping would have not started on Mile 23 I was on pace to come away from NYC with my best time in the marathon.  The left groin cramps left me walking at times which slowed me down even more. 

It is very interesting how in retrospect I can go back and re-evaluate the race step by step trying to figure why I cramped so bad when I did when during training I did not have that problem.  Not sure if I ever will be able to solve the issue but I will keep trying so next time I am prepared...

But regardless of my analysis I AM OVER THE MOON with getting the chance to participate and finish.  More so, I am even more excited that all of us from team #StopTheClot finished.  Without a question that during our waiting period our reason for running surfaced so we were also able to spread the word about blood clots and blood clotting disorders.  I know one of our runners discovered that a lady running next to him had a PE not too long ago and this was her first event back.  How about that?!?!

So the NYC Marathon is behind me.  What is next? What race/races should I consider in 2014? At this point anything goes... into consideration...

As the soreness from the legs dissipates some more I hope that some clarity on what I want to do in 2014 will come into view.

Stay tuned as you never know when the CLOT BUSTER polka-dots can be toeing a start line near you...

Thanks for reading,

The Clot Buster

 P.S. = As more pictures from the race surface I will add them accordingly...


Kathy Reed said...

What a great story. Thanks for doing all you do to support the cause.

Cleaning Peterborough said...

Nice blog:) good job!

My 60th Triathlon Finish !!!

My 60th Triathlon Finish !!!
First Time ever My Son got to cross the finish line with me. Without a doubt a Wonderful Experience