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Friday, September 12, 2008

September Athlete of the Month

You just never know who you will have the chance to meet... Back a few weeks ago while we were doing our 2nd Annual Greater Cleveland Triathlon Raffle to STOP THE CLOT, we had the chance to meet a lot of people (definitely one of my favorite parts of the whole event). Amongst them we met an ER physician, mother of two and a pro triathlete (world cup circuit racer for Team USA) who was/is a victim of a massive blood clot that ended up in her lungs (PE) and was of such serious nature that she had to be on coumadin for 2 years... is important to mention that it is during that 2 year span that this lady became a pro-triathlete and an inpiration to anyone out there who is going through a clotting episode.

Please let me introduce you to Julianna Batizy-Morley (check out her website by clicking on her name...!)

Although tests have not been able to find why Julianna suffered from her clotting episode, she does not have a lot of risk factors, she sremains very active and had this to say to me in a recent email... "The cool thing about my story is that not only did I recover- but I was not a pro triathlete when this happened. I raced age group back then. The following October (1 year later) I won my age group at world championships and then turned "pro" at an age that is considered old to make such changes. Anyway- that is the part I love the best- instead of remaining sick, I was able to get to a higher level than before. And I raced 1 year as a pro on coumadin (although my doctor was less than thrilled about draft legal racing on a blood thinner....)"

I was/am thrilled that Julianna stopped by our booth at the Greater Cleveland Triahtlon. She is a survivor and another example of people who was able to get back and do what their love... in her case to an even higher level... Wow!

You know, I don't think that I would have a prayer against her in a race... Maybe I can stay wit her for about 20 yards in the water before she would take over the lead and leave me and the polkadots eating her dust...


THANK YOU for letting me share your story. I know that you will inspire many people with what you are doing.

Thanks for reading,

The Clot Buster

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