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Friday, January 09, 2009

The Year in Review

You would not believe that one of my resolutions for 2009 was to find more time to post... Going 9 days in the new year and I am just getting around to post for the first time. I think that I am failing with this resolution... what do you think? The good news is that I can only get better from here and I hope to be able to write something at least more than what I already do...

But looking back at 2008 I am very pleased to see how far we have come... where do I start?

The birth of Junior Clot Buster is/was the MOST INCREDIBLE event of my life besides marrying Mrs. Clot Buster. Both of these rank 1 and 2 in my book for sure but only one of them took place in 2008, the other I've been enjoying for the better part of 10 years!!!

Also becoming a citizen of this country was very big deal for me. I am very proud of being lucky enough to have this provilige. For so long it was just a dream and now it is here and I AM A GRINGO!
Of course spreading the word about Blood Clots and Blood Clotting Disorders continued to be the main focus for the Clot Buster and NATT's STOP THE CLOT campaign...

*** Successful fundraiser during the Clot Buster's First Ever Marathon at the Flying Pig in Cincinnati.

*** STOP THE CLOT wristbands available for everyone to purchase and wear.

*** STOP THE CLOT Technical Shirts designed and manufactured so that those of you out there willing to spread the word can also have the Clot Buster's flagship polka-dots to wear in whatever you are doing... I wear mine everywhere possible. In grocery stores is where people stop me the most... go figure.

*** Finally, came up with something useful for this blog... THE CLOT BUSTER ATHLETE OF THE MONTH series was started in June and it is rolling along very well. It is truly and honor for me to get to meet people through this medium and share the stories they are willing to share with me about their clotting incident but more importanly about their RETURN to whatever sporting activity they enjoyed doing. This reminds me, if you know of anyone that should be featured in the Athlete of the Month Series, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!

*** Second Annual GREATER CLEVELAND TRIATHLON fundraiser raffle another success. Dear Friends in Cleveland and anyone who stopped by our booth... THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

*** Participated in 3 triathlons over the summer placing top three in my age group in every single one of them... The power of the polka-dots is helping me out!

Here are some of my training and racing totals for the year... I am crazy enough to keep a log every single day so everything that I do gets recorded and totalled... check it out:

Swim = 56,453 meters (2007 = 113,618 meters)

Bike = 1426.7 Miles (2007 = 2519.9 Miles)

Run = 960.7 Mikes (2007 = 537 Miles)

I guess that having a little one slowed me down some compared to 2007. If you ask me, I take Junior and the joy it provides without a question.
So, here it is The Clot Buster's year end review. 2009 should be GREAT FUN and I am very much looking forward to it. You know that I will be attempting my second marathon aiming to make it to Boston but for the rest of the plans I will have to keep you in the dark...

Thanks for Reading,

The Clot Buster

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My 60th Triathlon Finish !!!

My 60th Triathlon Finish !!!
First Time ever My Son got to cross the finish line with me. Without a doubt a Wonderful Experience