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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Better later than never... I guess‏

Well, keeping up with my posts has become a challenge... somehow I will find the time to get around this issue and get back on track. THANK YOU for coming back and checking in!

So, two Sundays ago I got the chance to race again on one of my favorite races around here. The Nationwide Better Health Columbus International Triathlon (formerly just the Columbus International Triathlon) is by far one of the most spectator friendly courses around here. I enjoy having people cheering for you all over the place as the transition and finish lines are organized such people can see a lot of the action without walking very far. If you want for your fans to see you more than at any other race this is the one you need to try! I know that Mrs. Clot Buster and Clot Buster Junior enjoyed seeing the polka-dots a lot. Of course it was SENSATIONAL for me to see them as well.
So, all together I saw them and they saw me....
1) Coming out of the water and running to transition (Wow, this one was a slow swim... Swimming only one time per week has slowed me down... 6 minutes from last year's time. Well, I guess that is the price I have to pay to get the chance to kiss Clot Buster Junior's cheeks that much more...)

2) Because of where they were they could see me all through T1.
3) 5 times as I rode by to complete my required laps ( I think that they started to notice as I was slowing down after each lap... )

4) Entering T2 (glad to be off the bike as the legs were starting to feel like they could do no more...)

5) Exiting T2 (this was my first brick workout of the season... just a little shock to the system...)

6) Going down to the lake and beginning the shuffle (I had really no expectations of being able to run the whole way but much to my surprise I was able to get into my slow pace and get to it).

7) One time around the lake and coming back for the final mile (I can't say that I remember much from Mile1 to Mile 5... just a lot hard breathing, sweat, the green of the trees, and the trail infront of me).

8) Final stretch as I attempted to lift my pace and look as if I was actually running.... I don't think I fooled anyone...
It was a pleasure to get the chance to race again. I don't get to do many this season but the three I am doing I am enjoying greatly as the polka-dots representing NATT and our mission to educate and create awareness against blood clots and blood clotting disorders flew high throughout the race getting people to notice.

So, in about two weeks we will be making our way north for the SECOND ANNUAL - GREATER CLEVELAND TRIATHLON NATT RAFFLE FUNDRAISER. If you have the chance come on out and race on of the finest events you can race in this region. Mickey Ryzmek puts up a great show so DON'T MISS IT!!!

Thanks for reading,

The Clot Buster

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My 60th Triathlon Finish !!!

My 60th Triathlon Finish !!!
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