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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Triathlon racing next weekend!

Believe it or not my friends next weekend I will be racing my first triathlon of the season. I was very pleased with the chance to race on my very first marathon and because of the arrival of "Clot Buster Junior" I did not have any expectations to be racing many triathlons at all this summer.

I feel incredible lucky that Mrs. Clot Buster and I are hanging in there and somehow we are finding time to get some training done amongst our new duties as parents. I am trying to incorporate my training on the time that I am spending away from home while at work. I've been riding to work about 3 times per week. Two of them is going in and I get to come back home with my car pooling buddy and on Fridays I go and come both on my two wheels. I've been trying to squeeze in my runs whenever possible. Some in the morning and some while at work during lunch... not always the best alternative as I tend to sweat pretty strongly and having a meeting right after lunch is just not enough time for me to cool off enough to not be sweating while sitting on my meeting... it was pretty funny to be in there and have sweat pouring down my face. Finally I can't forget about the swimming and for now I am trying to do it on Wednesday's after work. I am attempting to do some more during this time (about 45% more than what I used to) because I want to be able to spend as much time as possible with our little one just like I am showing you below...

So, I am very excited about the chance to be racing next Sunday in Cincinnaty at the ONE WORLD CINCINNATI TRIATHLON right in the heart of downtown. If you are around come on out and checkout the race. I will be only be racing the sprint distance this time as I am in no way ready to do any more than that. I am just thrilled to be planning for it and very exited to have our little one get to experience his first ever triathlon... hopefully the first OF MANY!!!

If you know of anyone who I should consider for my athelete of the month please let me know. We all need that additional inspiration from someone who had a clotting episode and now they are back or on their back to live a normal life. I definitely enjoy those stories and I hope that you will too.

Lastly, HELP US STOP THE CLOT!!! If you want to spread the word checkout the great looking STOP THE CLOT technical shirts we have available for you to wear and spread the word about the awareness we need to have about blood clots and blood clotting disorders.

Thanks for reading,

The Clot Buster

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

JUNE 2008 - Clot Buster Athlete of the Month

My good friend, dear friend Cheryl Edwards.

Without a question she is a person who had to with some serious clotting issues and non of them have been able to slow her down. For me she is an inspiraton because that smile that you see on the picture NEVER EVER goes away... I even heard that she smiled the whole way when she and her husband took on the challenge to ride across this great nation. I was very fortunate to get to ride with them for a portion of their route and it was a treat for me the entire 30 Miles I rode with them. It was a treat and an experience that I will never forget.

I know that these days she and her husband continue to find ways to stay active and go at it in their bike tours whenever possible all around the West Coast... you should see some of the pictures she has sent me... I am droolling all over the place at the landscape they get to experience. I appreciate Cheryl and her willingness to spread the word about blood clots and blood clotting disorders. She is definitely doing her part in our effort to STOP THE CLOT!!!

Cheryl - THANK YOU FOR your inspiration and your smile. You are a living statement that although blood clots can impact your life and change it dramatically they are not going to put you on the side lines unless you let them. It takes time but living a normal life after having blood clotting episodes is very much achievable with the right attitude and desire to continue challenging your self.
Let me know if you know of someone who I should be featuring on my athelete of the month posts... I look forward to know of anyone who has suffered a clotting episode and are now back in business doing what they love either on a bike, kayak, pool table, tub,whatever!

Thanks for reading!

The Clot Buster

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


A few days ago while riding I was thinking... I know very hard thing to do all at once so I was concentrating very hard just so that I could stay on the trail... this summer I need to do something to feature all of the INCREDIBLE atheletes' I have met during my time of fundraising for NATT. All of them are so inspiring to me and I am not giving them justice if I am not doing some sort of tribute to them for providing that additional inspiration I need to do what I am doing in order to spread the word about blood clots and blood clotting disorders.

So from here on out, every month, I hope to show case for you someone that is an inspiration to all of us as they have moved past their clotting incident and are thriving on whatever sport they love to do. I guess that over these last two years I became to unofficial spoke person for atheletes' who have suffered a clotting incident and are on their way to full recovery or are already there to show us CLOTS WERE NOT ABLE TO STOP THEM.

But I can't do this all alone. If you know of someone with some sort of atheletic background (it does not matter what) who has gone through a clotting incident PLEASE send their information my way. I would love the opportunity to contact them and just post a brief something about their background and how they are moving forward to get to where they would like to be once their recovery is complete. We can all build on people's stories to find that additional inspiration to get us going day after day.



This has been a project that I've been working on for a while now and one I thought was very important for me to finish. I want to give the opportunity to everyone to wear the Clot Buster polka-dots out there and spread the word about NATT's mission to educate about blood clots and blood clotting disorders.

These are high quality technical or performance shirts ideal to wear during work outs and or around time. I am wearing mine every chance that I can and I hope you would consider doing the same as well.

Help us STOP THE CLOT!!!


Finally, I could not resist to put a picture up about IAN...

Thanks for reading,

The Clot Buster

Friday, June 06, 2008


Dear Friends and Readers!

On June 3rd @ 7:48 AM The Clot Buster family received their latest addition... our own CLOT BUSTER JUNIOR (IMRE IAN VARGA) !!! He came to this world at 37 weeks and 5 days, with a weight of 7lbs. and 0.4 oz and a length of 19.25".
I can't describe how it feels to become a dad. Mrs. Clot Buster and Junior are doing very well. I cannot stop smiling and taking it all in. WE ARE VERY LUCKY AND BLESSED for his arrival. If you see a polka-dots outfit for him to wear he is already asking for it. He did not let us sleep last night very much once he found out we did not have it yet... well, so it goes.Once we get settled in some I hope to return to regular posting with some really cool stuff to tell you about (maybe related to the baby but not really)!Thanks for reading,

The Clot Buster

My 95th Triathlon Finish !!!

My 95th Triathlon Finish !!!