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Friday, July 27, 2007

What do you think about the Tour this year?

I need to ask the question because I don't know what to think. It is very dissapointing to see a big name like Vino's tarnished because of doping. What drives these guys to put everything on the line? Does that momentary success of winning a stage of the tour really matters that much over ALL of your career? Of course, we don't know about his B sample but he will never be the same. We will always question his ability from here on out. I wish that it did not have to be that way but unfortunately it is. Maybe he will come back but if he get's the two year I don't believe he will be able to do it. Part of me wishes that his B sample comes back negative but will only prolongue the agony as they will try to figure out why the A sample was positive. All together not a good situation at all.

In regards to Rasmussen, I can't make any heads or tails about this. Could his team punish him after the race? He has never tested positive in this tour so on that respect he can't be judged. However, breaking the rules is breaking the rules but if I was his team and he is leading the Tour fair and square then I would try to figure out some sort of punishment after the event. Of course I don't know the amount of pressure the team was under with the information they had so they get the benefit of the doubt from my end on that respect. But, could there be any other way to go about this? Would he return to professional cycling? Do you think that he would have won the race after the Time Trial? Should I go ahead and watch the two mountain to finishes that I have DVR'd? Right now I am hesitant. What should I do?

Well, this training week is going well. Good swim sessions so far where I felt really strong and smooth in the water. I had the chance to ride a couple of times this week as well and on Sunday I am will be runnig a 10 Mile race so after a week off running we will see how that is going to go.

Pretty exciting that my vegetable garden is producing some goods already. We started our pretty late in the spring but I am thrilled with my first batch of Hungarian Peppers.

These guys may look small but they sure pack a punch...

Be careful eating them alone... but they are great in salads!

So, let's see how this 10 Miller turns out on Sunday.

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Please come by on the weekend of August 11th and 12th.

We look forward to see you.

Thanks for reading,

The Clot Buster


Habeela said...

The Tour is definitely staying interesting. I keep coming back to the point that until the corruption in sample collection and storage is fixed, the Tour's reputation will be continually tarnished by unnecessary drama. I'm not saying that the people who are being accused of doping are innocent or guilty but it's really hard to tell when you have so many problems with the collection/documentation/storage of the samples to begin with!

Anonymous said...

Wow -- I'm glad to see your peppers coming up -- I just know I won't be in line to try one.


My 60th Triathlon Finish !!!

My 60th Triathlon Finish !!!
First Time ever My Son got to cross the finish line with me. Without a doubt a Wonderful Experience