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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lucky Tuesday…

If you live out here, within the confines of the Ohio Valley, you should be experiencing some of the mildest weather you can expect for this time of the year around these parts. So, without a question you MUST put everything a side and put your best foot forward in order to get out there. Definitely this will be the last time I get the chance to ride outside this year, so there I was rushing home from work trying to take advantage of the mild weather and the 55 or so minutes of day light I had left of the day.

Much to my surprise I got home and I was out riding within 11 minutes to be precise. I could not believe it! I even had my headlight (with batteries and everything packed) as I would need it if I went beyond the 45 minutes of daylight that were left at this point.

It was sensational to be out there riding. I was heading for the Olentangy River Trail because of the short nature of the ride. Everything was going well until I reached the first bridge out on the trail… it was blocked off due to construction. Can you believe my luck? Where do I go now? I thought for a second or two and I decided to climb down around the bridge on to the creek bed and get across that way. I had to move fast to attempt to beat the nightfall that was fast approaching. Shouldering my commuter bike I plunged down got over a few rocks and escaped with only some mud caked to my shoes. No trouble. Let’s keep at it.

As soon as I start the next section of the paved trail I remember that there is a second bridge coming up that is bigger and 99% of the time the creek is full feeding the Olentangy. I was hoping that the bridge repairs were not going to be simultaneous on these bridges… but not such luck today. I am all for keeping up the maintenance of the trail but not during the “Indian Summer” we are experiencing these days… the nerve of the Worthington Park Service. Their timing is a little off but then again how can I complain. So, I decided to give this creek crossing a try. I saw some rocks that would allow safe passage in the water so I went for it. Shouldering the yellow one once more I got down and just about when I thought I was across stepping off the last rock my foot slips and there I go with my foot in the frigid water… sweet! I was already almost half way out on my 15 mile ride so I was not going to turn around. Luckily I knew of a different way back that would avoid this creek crossing business.

Back on the yellow one I was hammering to keep my foot warm as the temperature continued to drop. I got to the half point mark and without any trouble I made it to the fork in the road that would leaved me home without have to do the creek crossing. I jumped over a couple of sidewalks and just when I thought I was safe to hammer home the last 3 miles I heard the sound of spokes breaking when I jumped off the sidewalk onto the road.

What are the chances of that happening but it did. With the back wheel wobbling away I made it home in the darkness of the late afternoon right around 5:45PM thanks in part of packing my headlight with its batteries. More than once I thought I was taking the headlamp with me just for a spin because the batteries I left home.

So, all things considered I am very lucky to have had the chance to be out there riding away. I would not change anything about it I have to confess.

Thanks for reading,

The Clot Buster

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Tri-Dummy said...

Senor Clot Buster:
Could you email me information about how you got your jersey made. I'm considering doing the same thing with a different organization.
Thanks a bunch.

My 60th Triathlon Finish !!!

My 60th Triathlon Finish !!!
First Time ever My Son got to cross the finish line with me. Without a doubt a Wonderful Experience