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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Spreading the word...!

This week I had the opportunity to start distributing the flyer I made (and published on this blog a few days ago) to the entire building here where I work. On every coffee break room bulletin board my co-workers should be able to find a “polka-dot pouch” with flyers to take. It is a gamble but I hope people will take the time to read the information on the flyer and hopefully pay a visit to NATT’s website and also this blog to see what we are all about.
But I am not only limiting this effort to my work place. The recreation center where I swim and workout also has the flyers on display. Along with that I am planning a couple more distribution alternatives that I need to keep under wraps until I finalize talks with the people involved.

The bottom line is that the more people I get to reach the more chances my mission will have to find potential donors but above all to draw them towards NATT’s resources. If I can get people to visit the NATT website from reading my flyer I will consider this effort a success without a question. I know for sure that people interested on blood clots and blood clotting disorders will find NATT’s website as the ideal place to find all the information that they need and then some.

Speaking of spreading the word please take a look at the following link…

This link my friend’s is a MUST. Cheryl is a remarkable woman about to go on a challenge that not many people can comprehend. She is an inspiration to all who has/is suffering from blood clots and blood clotting disorders.

The Clot Buster is with you all the way! I look forward to the opportunity to see you when you come through Ohio. I will try my best to keep up with and you group when you guys come through Northern Ohio blazing away.

Ride on my friend!!!

Thanks for reading.

The Clot Buster

1 comment:

Cheryl the NW clotbuster said...

To my dear Clot Busters on the other side of this great country...I cannot wait to see you either. But, I assure you, there will be NO flying by, at least not by me..ha.
You are just the best inspiration to make me keep pedaling on..
Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

My 60th Triathlon Finish !!!

My 60th Triathlon Finish !!!
First Time ever My Son got to cross the finish line with me. Without a doubt a Wonderful Experience