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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Starting with a BANG!!!

Well, the Clot Buster’s triathlon season started with a BANG!!! On Saturday.
I cannot believe what a great day both of us (Liz and I) had. I have to confess that I was very excited to the get the season on the way and I wanted to start making a statement. I’ve been preparing for a while now and I am very pleased on how things turned.
It was very exciting to have Liz out there competing in the duathlon sporting the Clot Buster colors herself. I think she needs a hat too, what do you think…?
Liz had a tremendous race. My Lovely wife, came in to the finish as the 8th person overall in the duathlon out of 35 competitors. She was the SECOND FEMALE overall. I could not believe it when I saw it posted… I was so happy for her! She got a snazzy award to go with her efforts… check it out…

For the Clot Buster as you can see from the title the race went really well. I’ve never placed so well in the overall classification. 8th place… are you kidding me!?!?!
I almost fell flat on the floor when Liz came running to tell me the results that she saw. First place in my age group was the icing on the cake… although I did not get a fancy award like Liz’s I got a snazzy medal.

Thank God I had a wetsuit for this race. The water was COLD! It was shocking how cold it was. I did not get to warm up before the start so I had to just jumping at the start and I have to confess that it caught me by surprise. Although I never found out the actual temperature I would imagine it was about 58 to 60 degrees. So, because it was cold it made me swim faster. I was the 5th fastest swim time covering the half mile triangle course in 13:53. The came the always challenging transition one where you try to wrestle off the wetsuit and attempt to do it as fast as possible. No matter how much I practice the and how much lubrication I rub on my legs the suit always gets stuck around my ankles. Anyway, after fighting for about 2 minutes finally I get on “The Menace” to turn the heat on.

Once on the road I tried to hammer down as much as I could. The race was my second time on the aero-bard this season so I need to get used to it some more. But I found my groove early just to be interrupt by the guy on his cell phone not aware that there was a race going on. This guy blocked several times slowing my progress and breaking the momentum I was carrying with me. It was frustrating because he was a nice wide car that would not let me sneak by him. Oh well, you have to deal with people like that sometimes. But all in all I was able to hammer down to a respectable average speed of 20.3MPH. Then came the run and with it I had to concentrate to keep a steady pace. I am improving on my brick workouts just so that I can get off the bike and get on the run faster than 7:30 minute miles. A 23:13 5K is not bad but there is plenty of room to improve upon… so all together I raced for 1:26.50 on this my first triathlon of the series in order to raise funds for NATT.
I just started to scrape away on my total of 255.5 Miles for NATT. 19.6 Miles down…239.5Miles to go!

How much money would you donate for every mile that I race…?

Thanks for reading.

The Clot Buster

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My 60th Triathlon Finish !!!

My 60th Triathlon Finish !!!
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