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Friday, July 27, 2012

July Athlete of the Month

Better late than never...

Where has the month of July gone?

I feel that it should be just the front end of the month not the tail end.

For July's Athlete of the Month post I wanted to bring to light once again that anyone can suffer blood clots regardless of your athletic ability.

I have to be honest that I could not believe the news when I heard them... MARIANO RIVERA the best closer in baseball experienced a blood clot in his calf as a result of a knee injury that he was resting and immobilizing prior to surgery.
More details of Mr. Rivera's clotting incident can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Every indication seems to point to the fact that this remarkable career of closing baseball games is far from over.

Mr. Rivera refuses to consider anything but his return to baseball.

I have to admit his determination and willingness to travel the extensive road to recovery from his knee operation and treatment of the clotting incident.

I have to admit that I don't root for the Yankees, I am a St. Louis Cards fan, but whenever the time I will be rooting for Rivera as he makes every attempt to return to his professional level of performance.

I have no doubts that his dedication will break any difficulties that his recovery process may bring.

Amazingly high profile athletes in a variety of sports have been suffering from blood clotting incidents and returning to top form.  That once again is a great demonstration that with the appropriate treatment and care athletes can return to be competitive again.  Same goes to those of use who are not even close elite level athletic performance but are simply weekend warriors.

I am inspired by the sheer determination and willingness of Mr. Rivera to get well and return to the Yankees pitcher rotation for closing games. 

Now is time to sit back and enjoy the Olympic games... I don't even know where to begin to watch around  the expanded coverage provided by NBC,

Here is wishing everyone out there ALL THE BEST!


Thanks for reading,

The Clot Buster

Friday, July 20, 2012


Better late that never...
Serena Williams becomes 2012's WIMBLEDON CHAMPION!!!
Blood Clot incident survivor becomes 2012's WIMBLEDON CHAMPION!!!

Hang in there...

Dear Friends! It has come to my attention that I am having some issues with my PayPal account and for that reason the on-line jersey ordering link is not operating properly. I am working with PayPal to come to a resolution in order to bring it back to working order. If you are in need of the CLOT BUSTER Stop The Clot jersey you can get in touch with me via and we can make arrangements. Thank you for your patience and support. Thanks for reading, The Clot Buster

My 60th Triathlon Finish !!!

My 60th Triathlon Finish !!!
First Time ever My Son got to cross the finish line with me. Without a doubt a Wonderful Experience