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Thursday, November 27, 2008

2009 Challenges...

With the cold weather settling here in Columbus, I can't help but start thinking of what I should do in 2009. Outside of changing diapers and watching Clot Buster Junior grow I have a few options of what I could to get the polka-dots out there and continue to spread the word.

I've been thinking long and hard about the possibilities available to me... considering the limitations that I have with time and the fact that at my work we work using "Flex Time" the choice is obvious to me... for 2009 I will attempt my SECOND MARATHON and it will take place in Virginia Beach at the SHAMROCK MARATHON on March 22nd.
However, this marathon will be special because I am aiming very seriously to run under 3 hours and 10 minutes in order to qualify for Boston... it is going to be a HUGE TALL ORDER for me but one I think that I can do... I just need to shave 19 minutes from my previous marathon time... what do you think? Can I do it? Honestly, I believe that the power of the polka-dots will carry me there and I will be able to reach this goal that is within my grasp I think... stay tuned to see how things progress.Of course, like this year, I am still doing my beloved triathlons. Greater Cleveland Triathlon if they take me back... Not as many as I used to do but enough to continue flying the polka-dot colors for everyone to see. I would love to have the chance to train and race a Half-Iron Distance race some place around here but I think that for 2009 I will have to just hold on to Olympic Distace races which is perfectly fine by me.

For now I am just doing minimum training when possible, a swim here and a bike there but the running sure is increasing, as the holidays begin to roll around.

Thanks for reading,

The Clot Buster

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Older and wiser...

That is what you would think I am with my 31 years of age...

Just take a look at the weather conditions during my run today...

Temperature : 30 Degrees (Feels like 22)

Wind: From the NW at 20MPH

Snow falling.

Now, you would think that with those conditions I would stay inside and find more than one excuse to put my mind at easy with the decision. But for some reason, while at work, I don't have time to ponder so before I know it I am out there running regardless of the conditions. Yesterday, during my speed workout, I was at the track with similar conditions only that time rain was falling but I did my 400, 600, 800, 800, 600 intervals no problem. I can't really explain what it is but I like being able to just get out and do it. A few years back I would have found the excuses... so I guess that now I am a lot determined.

Couple of weeks ago, the Clot Buster Family was out in Dublin, OH competing at the Trot for Tots 10K. First time Clot Buster Junior was racing in his stroller. Together we were able to clock a time of 45:42 which is respectable considering that pushing a stroller is not easy. Mrs. Clot Buster had a great showin with a 47:23. The conditions were rough but we were glad to be out there... Junior did not even realize we race as he slept the entire time!

Coming up... Cincinnati's Thanksgiving Day Race... 10th year for the Clot Buster and who knows how many for Mrs. Clot Buster. She is saying around 15 or 16... as a native of Cincinnati I would believe it. This time around Junior will stay under the loving care of Grandma... he is better served with her than with us in the cold. We know that Grandam will not mind...

Thanks for reading,

The Clot Buster

Monday, November 17, 2008

Few and Far between but still trying...‏

Yes, that is the truth in regards to my posts lately... what can I say when I have Clot Buster Junior looking at me with those chubby cheeks' I can't resist to play with and push everything else aside.
It is fascinating to be a parent and see the little one change every day right in front our eyes. Couple of weeks ago he was less mobile than today. Very soon here will be flipping over from his back to the front and we anticipate that thereafter crawling will be just a matter of time... all considered we are very fortunate to have him. We could not be happier.
Speaking of happy and returning to the triathlon world... have you had the chance to see the times the winners of the 70.3 World Championship clocked? These people pretty much sprinted a distance of 70.3 Miles... The male winner clocked a time of 3 hours 40 minutes 10 seconds... are you serious!?!?! How low can these times go? Could they every push below the 3:30 mark? Who knows but the times for sure are insane... I guess that in this particular distance I can relate because I have race Half-Iron Distance race a few times now and my best time of 5:19 and some change was fantastic for me. I just can't imagine how fast those guys went to clock a time well under 4 hours... unreal.

I wonder when are we going to have another Half-Iron Distance event available to race in this region. The closest one I know for the 70.3 series is the Steelhead Race in Benton Harbor, Michigan. There is the Muncie Endurathon in Muncie, Indiana and the Greater Cleveland Triathlon (which is no more as the organization has decided not to organize the half-iron event) but outside of that this area full of eager triathletes has been largely ignored for this type of distance. I wonder why?
Lucky this past Friday to have a break on the weather with a 60+ degree day to ride home from work... normally a 20 Mile ride that I can increase to more if the legs let me... I hope that you were able to get out there and enjoy the weather if you can.

Thanks for reading,

The Clot Buster

Check out some pictures of the Clot Buster Family going to a Wild Wild West Halloween Party!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

November Athlete of the Month

This post is very special to me because I get the opportunity to honor a friend of mine and her family, who have been instrumental in the Clot Buster's success in the activities that have taken place at the Greater Cleveland Triathlon.

You are not going to believe how I met this lady who is truly an inspiration to anyone out there who suffered from a clot, has a full time job, a familiy with two very active boys, and who actively races in triathlons including an Ironman finish in Lake Placid. Well, this amazing lady I saw for the first time while we were racing the Mountainer Half-Iron Distance Triathlon in Morgantown, West Virginia. I will never forget that race as I had a very rough day and as I was struggling along I remember getting passed around mile 11 by this lady with a huge grin on her face as she made her way across the field encouraging everyone in her wake. As I was getting passed by her she noticed the polka-dots and we have been in touch ever since.
I hope to have the same amount of energy she has with everything that she has going on with her boys, work, training, and just enjoying life. She is truly a breath of fresh air as she gets things done. She is definitely a champion not only in sport but also in being an example on the fact that life does continue after a clotting episode and you can look back on the episode and tell about it as you participate actively in spreading the word. Please read more about Deirdre's experience HERE. I am honored to have the great fortune to post about Deirdre and share her enthusiasm for life with all of you out there.
Thanks for reading,

The Clot Buster
P.S.: It is likely that Deirdre will hate me for posting some of these pictures but I am sure that a nice bottle of wine will resolve whatever issue we will have.
If you know of anyone I should feature on this post for "Athlete of the Month" please let me know as I would love to learn about this person and share their inspiring story with everyone out there.

My 100th Triathlon Finish !!!

My 100th Triathlon Finish !!!