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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

In case you were wondering...

I know... I sort of pushed aside the need to update the blog. Busy times around here, part of if comes from house projects we have under way and some additional NATT "homework" I had regarding NATT's latest seminar taking place in Chapel Hill, NC. You can read more about it HERE. Unfortunately I will not be able to be there but "the Clot Buster" will be there in spirit with wristbands available for purchase so that you can support our mission to edcuate about blood clots and blood clotting disorders.

So, YES I did survive the run. The last 10 minutes were pure agony. I was hurting all over the place espcially because the route I was on had a slight grade that was killer on the quads. I was/am very happy with the effort on Saturday. The sunshine was inspiring and although it was cold out there (31 degrees) the sun felt great. I surprised myself when I got around mile 20 and I was at 2 hours and fifty minutes. I for sure thought that I would be well over 3 hours by that point. Of course, Saturday's pace puts me somewhere around 3:30 finishing time which is right in place of my multi-layered goal approach for my first marathon. You will have to stand-by for a detailed explanation of this multi-layered goal approach that I have going on for this race.

I am feeling good today but Monday and Tuesday I was HURTING... the muscle pain did not settle in until then even after my stretching and yoga routines.

Thanks for reading,

The Clot Buster

Friday, February 22, 2008

Off to run 20 Miles...

You can't begin to imagine the debate going on inside of my head since this morning...

Today is my first ever 20 Mile - Over 3 Hour run... but with the snow and sleet we got yesterday I was facing the possibility of having to run inside. Mrs. Clot Buster on her way to yoga this AM was calling me giving me updates on the sidewalk conditions and the trail at SharonWoods Park which has a 4 Mile loop. Considering the conditions I am going to do 5 loops here. I figure last week I did 13 loops for the half-marathon race 5 loops should be even easier...

If you get the chance and you want to be inspired you need to watch the Spirit of Marathon Movie. You almost want to start running right after the end because you want to train and go for it.

So, here I go... Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading,

The Clot Buster

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Piece of Cake...

... hardly!

The concept of running 1 Mile loops to complete a marathon or a half-marathon sounds great on paper. However, when you actually out there doing it your mind starts playing tricks on you that I was not expecting. I don't know why but going through the laps became a challenge for me. Especially during the hardest miles of the race Miles 8, 9, 10, and 11. During those laps I had to fight to stay on course and keep driving. I was counting steps, telling myself that after each one of those laps I had one less to go, that I was more than half-way and on the finishing half. You name it I was giving it to me.

It was a nice day for running even with the sprinkles we got here and there. The polka-dots were out in full force and people notice them as I was passing by them or when I was getting passed... both of those situations happened often during the course of my 1:37.13. I am pleased with my effort as I was keeping my laps fairly even throughout the event. THANKFULLY the wind advisory came about 2 hours afetr the race. Let me tell you it is blowing out there. We had a stretch on the course where we had to go against the wind and at times it was picking up. I am lucky that I did not do the full marathon by that time we left the wind was picking up speed and now as I look at the window I can see our trees blowing violently out there.

All in all, great opportunity to put some speed into this marathon training. I am feeling good at the moment but the afternoon is early and the coffee from this AM is wearing out. I may pass out for a while hopefully I can be up by the time the summary from the Tour of California on Versus comes on at 5PM EST.

Let's hope that some people from this race turns to to learn about the fool with the polka-dots and of course about BLOOD CLOTS AND BLOOD CLOTTING DISORDERS.

Thanks for reading,

The Clot Buster

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How fast can you run a 1-Mile Loop...

13 times!!!

Some people may even do this a total of 26 times at the LAST CHANCE FOR BOSTON race I will be participating in this coming Sunday.

So, I've stepped it up all the way to 18 Miles on my training. This week it would have been 20 Miles and the weekend after that 13 Miles. Instead, I am re-arranging the plan to run the 13 Miles this Sunday and leaving the 20 Miles for the weekend after that. I enjoy racing a great deal so getting to participate in this race will provide a good window into how I feel when race time pressure is upon me.

Racing to raise funds for NATT is my ultimate motivator. I am going to complete the 26.2 Miles of my very first marathon there is no question about it. During that process I will be wearing the polka-dots ALL OVER me for people to notice and perhaps motivate them to search and learn about NATT and our goal to educate about blood clots and blood clotting disorders.

26.2 Miles of Running TO STOP THE CLOT!!!

Those 26.2 Miles are coming on May 4h... for now I am concentrating on 13.1 to be done as fast as I can on Sunday.

Thanks for reading,

The Clot Bster

Sunday, February 10, 2008

18 Miles in the bank...

I don't know what I would do without the option of listening to the audiobook I am listening to while running the better part of two hours forty six minutes and some change.

The feeling I get when I am returning home is hard to describe. I am very happy to be able to return home but I don't seem able to smile about it. I know that inside I am smiling and thrilled to make this milestone but my body is very slow to react and things happen in slow motion. It is very strange to have my mind operate at it's normal speed but my body due to the fatigue does not move nearly as fast. The audiobook is doing wonders for me. I a listenting to "Into the Wild" by John Krakauer and the read is keeping my mind engaged on the story and not so much on the pain on my quads, or the wind on my face, or how cold my fingers are getting, or how I still have some ways to go. Although, I check my pace regurarly to make sure I am staying on track the time on the run goes by fast as I am listening to the book. I hope that I am not creating a condition in which I have to have something going in my ears to get through every run. I try to do my other two run workouts without any distractions so that I can continue to avoid any dependence on the headphones. I would never race with headphones so I better be prepared to go the distance without them.

So, after this long run I felt some of the same discomfort I've felt after other long runs. But this time around my two big toes are very sore. Why would that be? I can't seem to understand as I did not change shoes or socks from my what I wear regurarly. For some reason they received some additional pounding from which I recovering.

But all things considered I survived to live another week.

Next weekend I am changing the schedule a little. I am due to do 20 Miles on Saturday but instead I am planning on running a half-marathon on Sunday. Actually, I should say that I plan on racing a half-marathon on Sunday at the "LAST CHANCE FOR BOSTON" Marathon, Half-Marathon that will take place in Dublin, OH. It will be interesting as we have a 1 Mile Loop and I will be doing it 13 times. I want to put a solid effort together ahead of my 20 Miler next week. So, I have to get ready for the monotony of the one mile loop 13 times. This should be a great test of speed, focus, and concentration.

Thanks for reading,

The Clot Buster

Friday, February 08, 2008

On tap for tomorrow 18 Miles...

I am gearing up for tomorrow's run.

Farther than I've been before.

The wind will be blowing tomorrow which will make things interesting specially when I am heading south for the first half of the run. I figure, let's go through it first and then have the wind on my back for the way home.

The audiobook will be playing otherwise I don't know how I will be able to keep my focus.

Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading,

The Clot Buster

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Spanish for wicked cold = GRIPE

Wow, looks like the 17 Miles from last Saturday knocked me out. Yesterday was brutal as I had to stay home because this head-cold got to me. I could hardly sleep at all on Sunday night.

Unfortunately, I had to take yesterday and today off just to allow me some recovery. Secretely I have to confess tha I don't mind skipping the 3 x 1600 meter sprints I was scheduled to do today.

So, on we go. Let's hope that tomorrow I will be ready to do what I am scheduled to do but you never know.

Thanks for reading,

The Clot Buster

Sunday, February 03, 2008

17 Miles...

I made it...although I am paying for it today I made it. The Audibook I was listening to kept me engaged the whole 2:28.49. I can't believe I was able to make it but I did. After mile 10 I was passing really close to home and the thought of taking a detour home came on strong over me because the cold in my hands was really bothering me. However, I made the turn left away from home and I was on my way to 7 more miles of fun. I was lucky enough to find some garbage bags that I could put over my cold hand and I kept on going finishing up the entire route.

Getting ready to rock and roll. During the first few miles I though that going sleevless on my Spiuk Jacket was a huge mistake but as soon as I got warmed up I felt a lot better.

Finally back home. Glad to be able to cover the distance. Now, I need to recover and see if next Saturday I get to add one more mile to my total of longest run ever.

Thanks for reading,

The Clot Buster

Saturday, February 02, 2008

In about 2 hours...

I am about to step into a zone in which I have not been before...

17 Miles have been mapped out (it looks SO FAR!!!) and it is time for the Clot Buster to step away from his comfort zone and establish once and for all a new personal long run record. Yes, this record will be broken next week and the week after that but to me running anything above 15 Miles is a HUGE DEAL. Can't you tell that I am pumping myself up...

Wish me luck today, I have to confess that I am scared out of my pants...

Stay tuned for a recap whenever I am capable of writing again.

Thanks for reading,

The Clot Buster

My 100th Triathlon Finish !!!

My 100th Triathlon Finish !!!