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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Who is this Clot Buster Guy anyway?

Perhaps that is a question that many of you out there are asking yourselves. Yes, he is a very handsome bald individual who wears a polka dot outfit while racing, but really who is this guy and where did he come from?

Well, I wish I had a great story about the birth of the Clot Buster like the falling tree on top of me last week… By the way, last weekend Mrs. Clot Buster and I went for a run at Highbanks Park. During our one hour run on the park trails my sense of hearing was very much in tune with the noises coming from the trees above us. I was looking around a lot just in case… you just never know! Also, for the first time in a very long time we went to the track to do some speed work. Man, I needed that workout so bad. It was very nice to put down 9 sets of 400 meters. In the Clot Buster’s world that was a tremendous work because the need for speed is great as I am looking to close this season with a good race on September 10th. Although, the triathlon racing will be over by then the Clot Buster mission is far from over. YES! He will be back next year but in the interim there are some fall races that may experience the Polka-Dot power in full force. You just never know where I will end up showing up. Just stay tuned.

But returning to the story of how I came about, there is not much to it. I’ve been racing triathlons for about 4 years now during the summer. I enjoy the competition and how I’ve been able to improve over the years in all the different areas of the sport. It seems as if every year I discover something new on my racing that I can work on to get better. There is always a detail or a new workout that I can add to make things more challenging for my competition. Also, I enjoy racing in some new venues. It is a great excuse for us to go travel and explore new places. But at the same time I have some favorite races that I really enjoy doing to see if I can improve on my times. So, all things considered we could say that triathlon is one of my hobbies. There is a reason why I love eating… and it is so that I can race!

Knowing that I was going to put together another racing summer and considering the fact that my wife, as one of the founders and current board member of NATT, has volunteered an unimaginable amount of time to the organization over the last 3 years I just could not sit on the sidelines being an outside supporter any longer. The dedication and sheer passion that my wife shows for NATT day in and day out is a tremendous inspiration for me to attempt to help in any way possible. I also know that along with Mrs. Clot Buster there are a number of other people volunteering incredible amounts of time to get this organization on the map and working towards the fulfillment of their mission to educate and create awareness. Being witness to all this hard work inspired me to come up with this fund raising/promoting campaign idea.

Mrs. Clot Buster in action at the Columbus, OH Edcuation Seminar

I am EXTREMELY THANKFUL to all who have donated to this cause so far (If you haven’t and would like to PLEASE GIVE IT A SHOT!!!). Being my first year I did not have a specific target I wanted to reach in terms of money. However, I did want to get NATT’s name out there for people to know. I think that over the course of the summer I’ve been able to provide that additional exposure and hopefully a way for people to get connected into the network of information and support NATT can provide.

So, really I am just a geeky Electrical Engineer who races triathlons during the summer and wears the goofy looking polka dot jersey, hat, and socks…You just never know maybe next year the polka dots may expand to even cover the shorts… now that would make me even better looking! Would you agree?

Thanks for reading,

The Clot Buster

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1 comment:

marz_racer said...

Your are racing for a very noble cause. If you get polka dot shorts make sure there are not white. Men in white spandex shorts is not pretty!!! LOL. You may want to add the slogan "Will Race for Food" on the back also. I had not been on your blog for a while, great race at Steelhead and great pics of the bears!

My 60th Triathlon Finish !!!

My 60th Triathlon Finish !!!
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