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Monday, July 03, 2006


Believe it or not I have to confess to all of you out there that I AM THE LUCKIEST person on the face of the earth. Lucky to have the chance to enjoy the 4th of July celebrations once more. I truly appreciate the opportunity to live in this country every day that I woke in the morning at the start of a new day. I really wish that everyone would have the chance to go abroad and experience a different culture for an extended period (specially if the country of choice is an under developed country). Only then, people can start to appreciate and cherish what this country has to offer. Regardless of all the problems that we face in economical, political, educational, and environmental issues this country continues to be, in my opinion, a place in which with hard work and dedication you can make a lot of things happen.

Did you know that the Declaration of Independence was NOT actually signed on July 4th 1776? I could not believe it either but while reading John Adams’ biography I learned that the actually signing of the declaration took place on the 2nd of July and actually on the 4th nothing happened. The book goes on to explain that several years later several of the people involved in the signing believed that the 4th was the day so after some debate congress decided to settle on the day we know today. How do you like that piece of history trivia?

After taking three days completely off from training I got back on the saddle to resume my workouts and continue my preparation for the third race of the season. Taking those days off was the best thing I could have ever done. My body felt refreshed and ready to take on some more workouts. Listening to your body is very important. I need to make sure I am following the plan in order to complete the 255.5Miles of racing I’ve set out to do this summer for NATT.

The NATT volunteers are working very hard these planning all of the upcoming activities. The fall newsletter should be very interesting. Your support of this organization is paramount! Please consider donating if you have the chance…Here are some donation alternatives if you would be interesting in matching your donation for every mile that I race:

$$ Nickel per mile = $12.78
$$ Dime per mile = $25.55
$$ Quarter per mile = $63.88
$$ Double Quarter per mile = $127.75

Have a very safe and enjoyable 4th of July!!!

Thanks for Reading,

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My 60th Triathlon Finish !!!

My 60th Triathlon Finish !!!
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